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The Voice Of A Silenced Child

Trigger Warning: This poem is a description of the disturbing reality of domestic violence as experienced by me around the age of six. If you are not in a good place to read such material, please stop here. I have no desire to retraumatize anyone.

2022 ABC Results And AWC Registration

2022 ANNUAL BUSINESS CONFERENCE RESULTS The ACA Annual Business Conference was conducted on Zoom as a virtual meeting on May 6 and 7. The results of the worldwide online voting that took place can be reviewed at the 2022 ACA ABC website. Below are links to further...

Level Of Sharing

There was a person in my group that was sharing in a manner that made me feel uncomfortable. It had to do with the level of sharing. They were sharing details, including nudity, that I felt would have been more appropriate for a share with a trusted individual. I...

The Silent Voices

Sitting proudly on the seat of my first bicycle, a “refurbished junkyard special,” I yelled back excitedly to the silhouette standing in the driveway. “Look, Daddy, watch me, I can ride my two-wheeler all by myself!” As I rode off feeling confident, with a...

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ACA Boundaries

Successfully setting and enforcing boundaries

ACA And The Arts

Music, Poetry, Drawings and Other Arts

ACA Toolbox

Experiences in using ACA recovery tools.

ACA Beyond Borders

International membership issues and experiences

WSO News

The ACA World Services Office and its activities

Voices of Recovery

Sharing experience, strength, and hope in ACA recovery

The Hero Of My Journey

The Hero Of My Journey

Looking in a mirror I see:a battered man,born into family violence,the violence of generations. I see a manwho somehow survivedthe violence of infancy. I see a manwho had grown accustomedto the terror of beingdaddy-Monster’s punching bag. I see a manwho grew up...

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Love Is A Soft Earthquake

Love Is A Soft Earthquake

I wrote poetry a million times,And poetry wrote me.Subdued within the highlights of a daydreamI found myself staring at the lightsWaiting for my knight in shining armor to come by.I journaled countlessly for many days that crossed a fortnight,Digging deeper into the...

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Finding My Limits – The Geiger Counter

Finding My Limits – The Geiger Counter

When I first began intentionally being mindful of discovering what my limits are, I used the visualization of a Geiger counter, like one that is a pin that one might fasten to a uniform such as an X-ray tech would use to determine what amount of radiation they’ve been...

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Tradition Two

Tradition Two

At a recent meeting, it was mentioned in passing that ACA literature needs to use gentle, suggestive language. Of course, we want the language in ACA materials to be respectful. Surely, we all want an atmosphere of gentle safety to prevail, but in ACA service, getting...

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