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This dysfunction and Codependency was not mine in the beginning.But was driven into meBy circumstances I could not control.My little one, a child, who resides deep within,Is hiding alone… filled with fear and anxiety from the things that hurt so long ago. She wants to...


daddy-Monster, I remember … I was three years old. You beat me as I was lying in bed. You blamed me for the beating. The worst part of the beating is that I believed your lie. Through countless other acts of violence, you confirmed...


When I first discovered the 12 Steps in AA, at the age of 36, I also discovered how much I used to ruminate an obsession of some kind, as a survival trait. Even when alcohol abstinence had become easy, I was still very suicidal, and I needed to channel my mind. Later,...

Literature Committee Needs New Leaders

As of the 2024 Annual Business Conference, the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Literature Committee, the Literature Evaluation Subcommittee (Lit Eval), and the Literature in Development Subcommittee (Lit Dev) will be stepping down. These are: Literature Chair -...

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Thicket of Idols/ Children of Light

Thicket of Idols/ Children of Light

They were lifted up,Idols of a past best forgotten,But ingrained within the body,My spirit kept score. Idolatry,Prestige and focus drawn to an idol,Larger than little me,Ready to be smashed across my back, Overflowing current of suffering,The idolization of Anger by...

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Sortir du marécage

Sortir du marécage

On m’avait fait gober que j’étais handicapée psychique, porteuse d’une maladie mentale d’origine génétique. En vrai, l’origine de mes symptômes n’était pas dans les gènes, mais bien dans la gêne. La honte. Le marécage familial, où la tolérance à l’abus est telle qu’on...

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Truth & Denial

Truth & Denial

Truth, the ugly Truth. The violence of generations. Too painful to bear. Locked tightly away in a “safe” room. Do not open that door! No one wants to know. Squander the years away – in feigned ignorance. The door cracks open and...

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An Interesting Opportunity

An Interesting Opportunity

An interesting opportunity has recently arisen for meTo travel somewhere special and explore somethingLong-time on my bucket list.That interesting opportunity has started a war in meBetween the nasty Negative-Nancy, doubting-Debbie-Downer,That is my critical parent...

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