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Submitting A Proposal

REMEMBER: Proposals for the 2023 ABC are due by September 30th.  If your group has composed a proposal to be considered for the Ballot, go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2023ABCProposals to make your submission.  NOTE: The easiest way to submit the form...

I See You – I Hear You

To my innocent inner child:I am you, from your future.I see you in an old photograph,from sixty years ago. You are four years old.You see daddy-Monster behind the camera.I see the frozen terror and distrust on your face.You have every reason to be scared. I feel the...

Authority Figures

(This essay and share is based on the July 21 daily meditation on abuse from authority figures found in “Strengthening My Recovery”) As a recovering adult child of an alcoholic and survivor of childhood emotional and sexual abuse, I developed a fear of authority...

A New WSO Event

Volunteer Day on November 5!The program is simple and will include a panel of seasoned volunteers sharing their experience, strength, and hope. There will also be an overview of the current WSO committee system, with some in-depth committee presentations. The goal is...

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ACA Boundaries

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International membership issues and experiences

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Voices of Recovery

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Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Experience

The baby donkey brayed and kicked up its heels in the deep lush grass. Her mom quietly watched, clearly, but slyly, on guard for any dangers that could arise. She was seemingly unfazed by the rambunctious youngster. The dad munched contentedly in the open field...

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The Mask

The Mask

I woke up at 5:15 am, covered in sweat. Scared. Tight. Shallow breaths. What in the world?Took some breaths. Deep. In. Out. Breathe. I held my arms around myself. You are okay. I am here for you. Why? Where did this come from? Why do I continue to have these feelings?...

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A Me Mommy Day

A Me Mommy Day

Last year on Mother’s Day I had the blessing to spend it on a visit with my adult daughter and her family. I had a perfect day. Both my sons called me, and my husband called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I exchanged fun texts with friends who were also celebrating...

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En travaillant ma 1ère Etape avec ma « compagne de route », (Livre Jaune, p. 29, question 6), je lui ai lu à voix haute le poème suivant, écrit en 2007. Il illustre les règles « ne ressens rien » et « ne parle pas », comme la photo de cet œuf muselé, qu’une amie m’a...

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