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Bridge of Light

by | Nov 1, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine

The space between “Me” and “I am”
Is the place where wrong meets don’t belong.
Self and identity, privileges denied
I struggle to breathe and learn to hide.

Here on the shore of a foreign sea
Buried treasure revealed at low tide sweep
Starving gull pecks at scraps and remains
Where wine dark waves and gray sky meet.

Legacy of unlearned personhood
Stand at attention or end up roadkill
Doctrine of scarcity, lies by omission
His way or the highway, his permission.

Here in the shadows, the space between
I’ve been hidden so long, sunlight makes me scream
Made a home where wrong meets don’t belong
Try to forget the love for which I long.

Scream to fill the silence
Move quick to dodge the glance
Become one with the dark
Wear a mask to cover the spark.

Here in the absence of praise and care
Hungering for lovecrumbs, breathe I don’t dare
Morse code phrases dot across the death of True Self
Condemned for the unforgivable crime of being me.

War against my soul…
How did I make it through?
Who fought for my life?
Something there… was it you?

Sloppy goo, not yet renewed
Wings of light cocoon
Still amazed to have a choice
A new life, coming soon.

On the wild edge of sorrow
Waves lap at brand new feet
Now Wrong and Don’t Belong
Aren’t where Me and I meet.

Beating drum of flesh and bone:
I exist, I matter, no longer alone!
Shining bright, piercing deep, lonely night
Crossing ancient darkness, I am a bridge of light.

Heart bursts with spirit
Steps spin across the stage
Sound wings across the void
Words dance across blank page.

I am loving kindness
Embracing all of me
I am that I am
Standing tall for all to see.

Resurrected sense of self
Wonder what it all could mean
I am a bridge of light
Filling up the space between.

Veronica A

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