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Distorted Thinking

by | Aug 1, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine

Chapter 11, page 129
The Loving Parent Guidebook
(Part / paraphrasing)

This book can help me address my distorted thinking.

By naming my experience:
(I realize that I am not my thoughts and my thoughts, at times, are not my reality,
they are reactions and responses to growing up in a shame-based and controlling home)
Knowing this helps limit the intensity and provides me with a way to create space for healing
while motivating me to redirect my focus.

When I lack the capacity to cope
With distorted thinking, I can turn to my Creator for help.
While doing the work with the tools laid at my feet, I remember to focus on my progress rather than the distorted goal of perfection.
There will be times I will avoid doing my reparenting work because I’m unsure where to start.
It’s in this moment
that I am able to deepen my compassion for the little ones inside and recognize the deeply ingrained nature
of the effects of my upbringing.

(When) I am powerless over these distorted thoughts, and my life becomes unmanageable
I come to believe I can be restored to clarity, and I make the decision to turn these distorted thoughts over to the care
Of a power greater than myself

Travel Well Beauty and know You are loved.

Michell B.C

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