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I See You – I Hear You

by | Sep 15, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine

To my innocent inner child:
I am you, from your future.
I see you in an old photograph,
from sixty years ago.

You are four years old.
You see daddy-Monster behind the camera.
I see the frozen terror and distrust on your face.
You have every reason to be scared.

I feel the terror within you.
I remember the beatings.
Daddy-Monster blames you,
but I know you are innocent.

I am with you through every beating.
I am with you as you cry yourself to sleep.
I feel the chaos and the outrage.
I know that you are innocent.

I see Mom behind you,
looking away – oblivious.
She’s holding your baby brother,
who is also innocent.

You feel all alone,
and you are right.
I am with you
in the empty, lonely void.

I see your future.
With every beating,
daddy-Monster gets weaker,
and you get stronger.

Daddy-Monster will explode his own heart.
You will be free from him,
not when he dies,
but as you heal and recover.

You have one thing he lacks,
and that is courage.
He is a cowardly monster,
and I see the warrior within you.

You have the courage
to face the ugly truth
and to step forward
through the agonizing hellscape.

I also see integrity within you;
you search for Truth
even while you’re trapped
in a landscape of lies.

I see the painful road ahead
and I know that you are scared.
I am with you every step.
It’s OK to be scared.

I wish that I could rescue you.
You deserve to be rescued.
You are stronger than you know.
I see the survivor within you.

I remember the frozen terror.
I remember the injustice.
I remember the pain and uncertainty.
I will never forget you.

I see you.
I remember you.
I love you.
I cry with you.

I hold you in my heart –

– Healing Heart Warrior (Tom M.)

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