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My Healing Journey

by | Feb 15, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine


(watercolor collage made during 9-month yellow book step study)

Top left: God’s music at my birth. (baby’s feet and musical notes)  

Below musical notes: My five-year-old on a swing. Her little heart is broken. Her wounded parts are displayed in pieces. Above her head is a cross; God is watching over her.

Below her: My ten-year-old. There are more pieces carrying the repeated wounds. Her broken heart is bigger. The cross above her shoulder. God watching over her.

To the bottom left: My very broken teenager. Frozen, facing sideways, wearing a mask. She does not know who she is. She tries to be who you want her to be so you will love her and not leave her. She has so many wounded parts. Many are stored in the bag she is carrying over her shoulder. The weight of it causes her to lean back and it falls to the ground. The pieces float into the open. She cannot keep the pain in anymore. The cross above her head is, again, God watching over her.

In the middle: The fragmented adult transforming and becoming whole in ACA. God is at the top center of the picture, the center of my life. I’m reaching up to Him. I receive healing and strength. My parts are becoming integrated. I am learning to love and care for myself. The background is the flowing energy of life I am now allowing myself to take in.

At the very bottom left: My name with hearts around it representing the love I am learning to have for myself. The footprint is the step forward I continue to take in recovery each day. I am filled with gratitude for the unconditional love I have always had from my Maker and the gift of ACA Recovery.

Diane F

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