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Survey Results Support Book Price Increases

by | Apr 1, 2022 | ComLine, Fellowship News

A poll of ACA members that was placed in the March 1 issue of The Traveler asked these questions:

  • WSO is considering an increase for ACA book prices due to substantial increases in printing and distribution costs. Have you heard about this? 
  • Would you rather see prices set at level now that could delay future price increases?
  • Would you favor smaller price increases every year until it reaches a sustainable level?
  • What do you think the updated price of the Big Red Book should be today in US Dollars?

Here is a summary of the responses to that survey:

Have you heard about a possible book price increase?Yes – 127 (72%)
No – 49 (28%)
Immediate full increase that might delay future increases?113 (64%)
Incremental increases annually until reaching sustainable level?55 (31%)
What should be the updated price for BRB?$20 or more – 140 (80%)
$25 or more – 51 (29%)
Average of suggested BRB prices$21.60

It is evident that a large majority of those responding support an immediate book price increase to a level at least equivalent to the current prices in today’s dollars. Assuming that these responses are a representative sample of the ACA membership, it can be predicted that the Fellowship supports a significant book price increase at this time.

The WSO Finance Committee is preparing a recommendation for price increases based on the supporting data that was reported in a previous ComLine article on March 15 and on the feedback that has been received from the survey.

WSO Finance Committee

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