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The Call For Proposals

by | Aug 1, 2022 | ComLine, Fellowship News

If your group has an idea to benefit ACA worldwide, they may submit it as a Proposal. Each Proposal could become an item on a Ballot. Voted on in March, by ACA groups globally, the results will help set the agenda of the Annual Business Conference (ABC). During the ABC, Delegates discuss the various Proposals submitted by registered ACA meetings, Intergroups, Regions and the ACA Board of Trustees.

The Proposal process is rather simple.

First, talk amongst yourselves. Each Proposal is the product of a Group Conscience. An individual member may be inspired, however the Proposal is fashioned and offered by the group.

Next, go to the Ballot Prep Committee (BPC) web page https://acawso.org/category/ballot-prep/  There you will find The Proposal Guidelines document. This will help your group determine if they have is a Proposal to submit.

Sometimes a proposal has a limited scope, better directed to an Intergroup or Region. The BPC accepts only proposals that have global relevance, which will impact ACA, as a whole. Submitting groups will be contacted if there are any questions of clarity.

Sometimes a proposal would be better directed toward a specific WSO Committee. We urge your group to reach out to the committee best suited to implement your proposal. It’s an ideal way to learn more about their work and to even find a place to do service. What’s more, they may already have similar projects underway.  A list of committees is included in The Proposal Guidelines.

On occasion, the BPC may recognize strong similarities between individual Proposals and may take steps to combine these Proposals in order to consolidate the Ballot or expedite the ABC proceedings.

The BPC is offering ‘Crafting A Proposal’ workshops to assist you and your group in fashioning a clear, compelling, and appropriate Proposal. The workshops are virtual Q&A sessions where ACA members offer insights and experience with the Proposal process. Please consider joining us at a Zoom meeting on either August 19th or 28th. Details posted at https://acawso.org/category/ballot-prep/ and in the Traveler publication.

A recording of a previous Proposal workshop may be found here.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2022. After the initial submission, your group will be able to make edits to your proposal, if needed, until October 31st.

If you have any questions about this Proposal process, please send an email to [email protected].

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