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My First Quarterly Meeting

by | Jan 15, 2023 | ComLine, Voices of Recovery

I came into the ’12 Step Recovery World’ over 30 years ago, ab“soul” utely b-r-o-k-e-n, having fallen beside the hearts of those who had walked before me to eventually crawl myself back into a body of dignity, hope and strength.

One year ago, I found ACA and it is here I am continuing to deepen my emotional sobriety, leaning on the level of conversation that brings me closer to my deepest wounds and trauma’s incurred in childhood.

From the beginning of my recovery, I was encouraged to participate in service and in time it became an important anchor for my overall sense of well-being and emotional balance, so it was an easy transition to be attracted to service in ACA. I am active in my home group and when the prospect of Quarterly Meetings was presented by the ABC ( Annual Business Conference) my group voted me in as a delegate so I could be a voting member and keep our group informed of important decisions that were being made for the whole of ACA. How exciting! 

On November 12th, 2022, I attended my first Quarterly meeting as a delegate. It was around four and a half hours long and I was riveted to the conversation the entire time; not wanting to miss a beat! My heart was warmed by the devotion of ACA members, working at the level of world service, contributing their best of experience, strength, and hope, which included specific volunteer service positions established to keep our business meeting safe. I appreciated being amongst other fellow travelers from around the world engaging in respectful conversation and decision making and was moved by the gentle, encouraging invitational spirit the current ACA WSO volunteers reflected to simply come and sit on any committee one might be interested in and see how it feels; to sense if this would be a place where one might like to offer service. 

Because of my love of writing, and my long-term devotion to it as a recovery tool, I decided to sit in on the ComLine committee; this group of people who are behind the publishing of various voices here on our ACA blog. As I enjoy reading it, and having posted one poem, it felt like a great place to dip my toe in the committee world as I eased myself into the World Service sector of our ACA fellowship. It is with deep gratitude I walk beside the hearts of my fellow travelers, in service and together hold supportive worldwide space where other b-r-o-k-e-n hearted adult children can find a safe haven in which to finally seek their ‘true selves’. 


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