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Mistress Of The Void

by | Sep 1, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine

A void opens up and I’m spinning again,
This is fine, I come here to be alone.
I want anything but this,
But at least no one can hurt me here.

The emptiness scoops me up and welcomes me home.
Belonging to the Nothingness seems appropriate
For a girl who learned to be seen and not heard.
I loved him, so I did as he requested.

Protests fall on deaf ears,
I am the Voiceless as he sloshes into my bedroom each night.
Helpless object of the male gaze,
Destined to sacrifice dignity for the sake of his attention.

Amidst falling bombs he croons,
“You’re so beautiful, just like your mother…”
The floor falls away once more,
I am silent and speechless.

Mistress of the void
Behind the magazine clippings we hide
Skin made from Seventeen dreams
Prove to me I am alive.

Veronica A

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