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The Blessings of ACA

by | Mar 1, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine

I grew up in a family with lots of dysfunction,
But my ACA group has provided the unction.
Alcohol, gambling, cheating and more-
Mental illness and abuse all came through that door!

Many generations with multiple diseases.
Don’t talk, feel or trust- so everyone freezes!
My heart, mind and spirit were full of pollution,
But ACA has its Twelve Steps and “The Solution”.

You’re probably wondering “What makes it so great?”
The literature and meetings make the “crazies” abate!
Before ACA, I felt always alone-
Now this is where I found a new home…

I listen intently to what’s being said,
Nod my head in agreement to what’s being read.
Here in this room I find solace and trust-
No one ever says this or that, “You must…”

Though my Inner Child was lost, now she is found-
I really do like having her always around.
Critical Parent- be gone! No place for you here-
My new Loving Parent replaces the fear.

Here I can feel, then talk all about it,

And no one will say “I seriously doubt it.”
This group is my haven- my Family of Choice
It’s in ACA where I found my True Voice!

Chris J

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