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The Dawning Of You

by | Oct 1, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine

Shattering silent stillness, heavy dark night
Brilliant morning spills over a crisp horizon
                Spiritual awe-ache-ening
Gawking griefstreaked shock

O, Unnameable One,
            quiet, timeless Presence,
it was always You.

Merciful firmament
                victorious vessel
                             ecstatic child luminance
                 but not for long…

The first angel speaks:
Words of love
              set me afire in foreign lands…

Holy Spirit
           sharp light
                        splits clear.
           Tiny baby body,
                        You claim me,
(redemption of the little man’s touch)
          I stand in shadow,
                           service to the Light.
I am Innocent Goodness,
             unwelcome in this senseless world
                         my miracle state,
                                 a threat.

Years of abuse
               numbness withstood
in the
               vibrating promise of Your love.

You came to me through the moon
            bathing in the blue sky
                            white clouds frame a three-quarter face
I never knew She existed outside of the night.

Violate, rage, rampage
They destroy,
          I learn:
                        Don’t talk, trust, or feel…

Darkness closing in
              velvety soft
                                                     all around.

                          O, Quiet Oneness,
I learned to find You in the Deep Nothing;
                took my light to the shadow and
                              abandoned it there, childhood forgotten…

                                        in the familiar embrace of Void
                             an angel comes whispering:
Everything happens for a reason.

I find the strength to go on.

             A decade of destruction
O, Nameless One, You came to me at last
                          and told me your name
           bestowed upon me as my own:
                                        Faithful Light of the Heart…

Voices of The Sangha,
               sing songs of Compassion…


               this snakeskin browngreen shedding
                             and pinkred as a newborn babe,
                                      here You are…

My new family prays
              for Serenity,
Courage, and Wisdom,
                        to set it all aside.

Brush of cool electricity
                 waves of light ripple
                            across my calm
breath of life animates
               this simple
                                 empty vessel.

Vulnerable, weak;
no way this survivor made it
through thirty-two years of hell on her own,
                          it was

Veronica A

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