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The Sponsor Search

by | Mar 1, 2022 | ACA Toolbox, ComLine

The sponsor search is a responsibility each adult child handles in their own comfortable way.

In the “Big Red Book”, there is a whole chapter about sponsorship. 

These are my experiences of my sponsor search.

Sponsors are members of ACA just like any other member.

Sponsors are not special or unique.

Sponsors want to be a sponsor to keep what ACA has given them.

Sponsors choose this way of doing service out of love for ACA and ACA recovery.

Sponsors have a sponsor of their very own, too.

Going to different ACA meetings and listening to others share, I search for someone in whom I can really hear the message of ACA recovery. 

A spiritual nature assures me there is loving kindness.

My sponsor search needs me to look for someone I can relate to, that I feel I could trust and who recognizes healthy boundaries for themselves and their sponsees to be safe.

My sponsor search seeks a willingness to work together with love and respect. 

My sponsor search looks to a sponsor for support to understand the ACA program without expecting a sponsor to work my program for me.

If someone needs to say “no” to me to be their sponsor, it is not personal and I can continue my sponsor search knowing my Higher Power will guide me until I find a sponsor.

I learn to listen. I learn to understand. I learn to trust. 

I learn ACA offers me a new way of life. 

I keep my heart open to learn new ways of living my life.

I am aware that I cannot rush through my ACA recovery. 

I do the best I can to the best of my ability. 

New literature is being developed to help all of us adult children continue our journey in our sponsor search.

Keep coming back, It works if you work it and you are worth it.


Toni P

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