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2022 ABC Results

by | Sep 1, 2022 | ComLine, Fellowship News

The 2022 Annual Business Conference, which took place over 3 days entirely on zoom, included a number of new features. 

  1. First, as the conference takes place 9am to 5pm Eastern time, delegates from certain other time zones are not able to join the meeting during their waking hours.  As a result, worldwide online voting was developed. Motions were crafted during the regular meeting, but voting took place from about 8pm eastern to almost 8am the following morning.  This resulted in up to 20 additional delegates voting, for a total of 88 or more, as opposed to the 70 who were able to attend on Zoom. 
  2. Second, the process of creating a motion was changed from Robert’s Rules of Order to a system where Zoom delegates offered individual “motions” to achieve the aim of the proposal.  Those present then voted on the motions, winnowing down to one motion to be presented overnight.
  3. Third, delegates voted to extend the meeting to a third day and to set up quarterly meetings going forward. This greatly relieved the sense of pressure to get through a heavy agenda. (A process for adding delegates to the quarterly meetings has not yet been created.)
  4. And, finally, delegates voted to create a number of study groups on proposed topics rather than try to force an immediate decision.  This will result in more research, more thoughtful conversation, and wider participation. (A process for all in the fellowship to volunteer for these study groups has not yet been created.)

The following is the result of the voting on the proposals (in the order presented to delegates.)

(From Proposal 5): To create an ad-hoc committee to explore changing the fellowship’s name, logo, acronym, and any other identifying marks to include dysfunctional families. This group would met for a year and then report results during the 2023 ABC committee reports. If the work results in a recommendation, it will appear on the 2023 ABC agenda. (If not ready by the 2023 ABC, then the report and potential recommendation will appear on the 2024 ABC agenda.)

Favor 77 (90.6%)
Oppose 8 (9.4%)
Abstain 2
Passes with 90.6% in favor.

(From Proposal 4): To create an ad-hoc committee that will study Concepts II and VI and report
to the 2023 ABC on possible revisions. Delegates and the fellowship will be notified of the study and invited to join the ad-hoc committee.

Favor 68 votes (86.1%
Oppose 11 votes (13.9)
Abstain 8
Passes with 86.1% in favor.

Quarterly Meetings Motion: To schedule quarterly delegate meetings of 2-4 hours, in July/August, November, and February. The July/August meeting will handle spillover business.

Favor 65 votes (76.5%)
Oppose 20 votes (23.5%)
Abstain 2
Passes with 76.5% in favor.

(From Proposals #10, 11, 12) I move to direct the ABC AWC Committee to coordinate an in-depth and inclusive study regarding possible changes to the ABC and AWC structures. The study will consider all fellowship viewpoints, and all delegates and members of the fellowship will be invited to participate. Findings will be presented to the 2023 ABC, and regular updates will be provided to 2022 ABC delegates and the fellowship.

Favor 78 votes (91.8%)
Oppose 7 votes (6.2%)
Abstain 2
Passes with 91.8% in favor.

(From Proposal 8): I move that "only" meetings for marginalized or oppressed communities (eg BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women), as well as men's groups, continue to be listed on the WSO website to provide safe spaces in service of carrying the message (Trad 5);that the fellowship maintain its Trad 4 option to delist any "only" group that negatively affects ACA as a whole, for example by using offensive language or by alienating marginalized/oppressed adult children, which would violate Tradition 5

Favor: 53 votes (74.6%)
Oppose 18 votes (25.4%)
Abstain 3 votes
Passes with 74.6% in favor.

Floor Proposal: That WSO create a Data Analysis Committee & designate an interim chair (up to six months) with experience, responsible for organizing existing data, conducting data projects, developing stewardship practices and procedures and be available for consultation to other ACA service groups. The committee should be composed of members with previous experience in survey design, human subjects research, data science, data analytics, database management, reporting, and/or data ethics.

Favor 75 votes (91.5%)
Oppose 7 (8.5%)
Abstain 5
Passes with 91.5% in favor.

Ratification Motion: To conduct the 2023 Annual Business Conference, 20222/2023 Quarterly Business Meetings, and ACA World Convention entirely virtually. This motion will be considered final after it is presented to and ratified by the 2022 ABC.

Favor 47 votes
Oppose 3 votes
Abstain 0
Passes with 94.0% in favor.

Several proposals did not go to worldwide voting because the delegates voted that there was no motion they would support. These included a proposal a) to have WSO adopt and endorse the Tony A steps, b) to write a book about Tony A, c) to implement Knowledge-Based Decision Making, d) to have anonymous 12-step documents written before 2006 go directly the fellowship review, and e) to change the suggested 7th Tradition contribution percentages to WSO, regions, and intergroups.

Christine B

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