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Letter From WSO Board Chair

by | Jun 15, 2022 | ComLine, Fellowship News

Dear fellow ACA members,

As I announced at yesterday's monthly teleconference, I am stepping down as chair of the ACA World Service Organization Board on June 30. I will continue on the board until the spring 2023 ABC, but I am writing to introduce you to the new executive committee that will succeed me. Individually and collectively, they are outstanding ACA servants. I am thrilled to support them, and ACA as a whole, in any way I can.

Sue V., of Ontario, Canada, will be the new chair, effective July 1. She is exceptionally suited for this role. I met Sue in 2018, at the Toronto ABC-AWC, where she co-chaired the local host committee. She is a gifted strategic thinker and extremely hard worker, with a passion for fellowship service. In just a few years, Sue has transformed our publishing operations and our outreach to fellowships in Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, and the Middle East. Thanks to Sue's efforts, ACA WSO is more truly a world service organization than ever before.

Jasmina T., of New York, will be vice chair. In her year-plus on the board, Jasmina has been steadfast in her commitment to program principles and fair-mindedness, civility, and accountability. Her strategic thinking and leadership have helped reshape WSO's business operations, greatly improving the professionalism of our Distribution Center. As a native of the former Yugoslavia who grew up in New Zealand, Jasmina also offers a highly international perspective.

Fredrik H., of Malmo, Sweden, will continue as Treasurer, a position he has filled very ably with his customary calm. Fredrik has brought many gifts to ACA since leading the local host team for our 2019 ABC-AWC in Sweden. This was ACA's first Annual World Convention outside of North America, and it was an exhilarating success. Fredrik is unfailing in his serenity, courtesy, and deep faith in the group conscience. In addition to leading our European Committee, Fredrik also brings an excellent command of numbers and business operations.

Tamara P., of St. Paul, Minnesota, will continue as Secretary. Tamara possesses a very system-focused perspective from her work life, and she has used this to suggest highly valuable improvements to WSO operations. A notable example is the creation of a staff position for administrative support, which has greatly improved order to Board operations, and operations of many WSO committees. Tamara also exudes kindness and a welcoming manner. She has a gift for ensuring that adult children are heard and respected.

I want to thank everyone for your caring and support in my three years as Board chair. I feel fortunate to have joined the ACA World Service Board at a time of historic change. ACA World Service has grown in size and in spirit. We now truly work in close partnership with fellowships around the planet. Our literature is evolving to match current fellowship experience. Our business operations are becoming highly professional. And perhaps most exciting to me of all, the Annual Business Conference is in the process of becoming a year-round, global partner in charting ACA's future.

So much remains to be done, but I am proud and honored to have been a part of ACA's journey. I leave the chair position with complete faith that the new team of trusted servants will continue to take our great fellowship forward, guided by the Concepts, Traditions, and the spirit of Unity, Service, and Emotional Sobriety.

Very best regards, and in deep gratitude,

Charlie H.

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